Friday, January 25, 2013

Candi Vs Tina

Candi Vs Tina
This is one of the best catfights ever between two of the sexiest women on earth!! Fiery redhead Tina Antman takes on sexy blonde Kelly Thomas, AKA Candi. This starts out as a back and forth fight. It doesn’t take long for them to rip each other’s clothes to shreds and continue their hot and sexy battle naked. One woman is eventually worn down, beaten and completely humiliated at the hands of the winner. The helpless loser is forced to kiss the winners ass, lick her nipples, gets face sat and forced fed a steaming hot pussy. This is a 17 minute bitch battle between 2 of the hottest women alive!!
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Pinned and Beaten
One very sexy babe is completely dominated by her equally sexy opponent in this hot bikini wrestling fight.