Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Santana Vs Melanie

Newcomer Melanie takes on Santana in a hot bikini ring match. They rip each others tops off and continue with this hot & sweaty bare breasted battle. Melanie puts up a good fight but Santana takes control and punches, kicks, slaps, chokes, and claws Melanie’s ass and pussy. Santana pulls the helpless chick up off the mat by the nipples, beats her up and finishes her with a hot sweaty face sit. Adding insult to injury Santana exits the ring taking  Mel’s bikini top as her trophy. This is a 14 minute fight. Enjoy.

                                        New You Tube Fight
Akira Vs Valentine: Sexy blonde Valentine kicks smokin hot Akira’s very shapely ass from one end of the ring to the other in this very one sided match. And yeah !!! Akira’s spectacular boobs keep poppin out of her top.!! This is a 6 minute beat down!!