Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fight #1: Cali Vs Priscilla

                                                          Happy Thanksgiving
                                      Today I’ve decided to give thanks for Cali Logan.

Fight #1 : Cali Vs Priscilla
Cali takes on equally sexy Priscilla in this 2 part bedroom fight. They’re fighting over who has the BEST TITS!! Off come their bras and the battle begins.

Fight #2: Cali Vs a Hot Blonde
This time it’s Cali in a hot, topless bedroom fistfight with a hot blonde.

                                         New You Tube Fight

Cali Vs Gianna
Cali fights Gianna on the mat in bikinis

                                     Happy Thanksgiving
                             I’m going to eat some Turkey now.


CalivsPriscillaCF1 by cattysasha17

CalivsPriscillaCF2 by cattysasha17

Fight#2: Cali Vs a Hot Blonde

Catfight Fistfight2 by cdcc